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Executive/Technical Talks

We provide several executive level or technical level talks. These are thought provoking talks that may introduce key concepts in the domain of data science and how these can be beneficial to the organizations. The link below provides some common topics, but we can tailor the content to your needs.


We provide a wide range of hands-on workshops tailored to master your data science skills, especially using R.


Following our workshops and talks, data scientists and analytics professionals needs some mentoring and on-going support. We provide such consulting services. Contact us for more information.

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☟Hebrew: == The R programming environment for statistical analysis has become increasingly popular in recent years. It features better capabilities than traditional statistical analysis software packages, and as an open source software it is free to use. Following the growing interest in R, we offer a number of workshops for researchers and data scientists, which purpose is teach and practice the use of the R environment, giving participants a solid foundation from which they can expand on their own. The workshops, especially the introductory workshop, do not require prior knowledge of programming, but a basic understanding of statistics is required.

סביבת ״ר״ לניתוח סטטיסטי הפכה פופולארית יותר ויותר בשנים האחרונות. היא כוללת יכולות טובות יותר מאשר חבילות ניתוח סטטיסטי מסורתיות, ובנוסף, כתוכנה בקוד פתוח, היא חופשית לשימוש. לאור העניין הגובר בשימוש ב ״ר״ אנו מציעים מספר סדנאות לחוקרים ומדעני נתונים, אשר מטרתן ללמד ולתרגל את השימוש של הסביבה, תוך מתן בסיס מוצק למשתתפים, ממנו הם יכולים להרחיב בכוחות עצמם. הסדנאות, במיוחד סדנת המבוא, אינן דורשות ידע מוקדם בתכנות, אבל נדרשת הבנה בסיסית של סטטיסטיקה.


Amit Gal is a data scientist and R expert with extensive experience in training and mentoring data scientists, as well as developing data products. Before his engagement with data, Amit has been a software architect and algorithm developer with expertise in solving hard problems. Complementing his technological activities, Amit is also an active researcher and a social scientist, applying advanced research methods to the study of organizations and organized behavior.
Amit Gal
Amit Gal
Principal Instructor


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